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The idea of starting of a college in this area sprang from a long-felt need of the locality: Gradually it crystallized and in 1950, people of Rairangpur made an attempt to bring the college into being. But creating a college means an organized effort and required sizable funds. All these had been marshaled by the local patrons, a body of dedicated men who managed to give shape to their aspiration in form of the Rairangpur college which ultimately came into existence in 1963. Since then it has been catering knowledge in Arts, Science and commerce to innumerable students in this tribal populated area.

1. The birth of the college in an index of the sincerity and devotion of the people of Rairangpur who have man aged to create this institution by sheer will. This college is also an emblem of sacrifice of considerable dimension and shows the inherent merit of those who think in terms of the well-being of the society.

2. Like all Non-Govt, Aided colleges Rairangpur college also has its nagging money problem. But the Managers of the college are eager and exerting and things are made smooth by the effort of those who nurture this college from the very start.

3. If we take into account the nature of the locality its insistent need we must admit that the difficulties that stand in the way of right fruition have to be overcome. On the face of it people need education desperately and as Rairangpur promises to that every urgent need it is a certainty that it would expand. The ramified existence of Rairangpur college presupposes liberal Government aid and unabated zeal of the local patronage.

4. At the initial stage the Rairangpur college starts functioning in the P.C.M. club and on the Govt. Boys High School premises. The college was then shifted to its present campus in July 70 when the Govt, of Orissa handed over considerable land and several building structures at Purunaghanty. The Rairangpur college is sincerely thankful to state Govt. for this generous gesture.

5. The sincere endeavour of the management of the college was successful in obtaining affiliation for the following.

Honours :

•  Chmistry & Oriya -in 1977-78 session

•  Political Science -in 1978-79 session

•  History & Physics -in 1980-81 session

•  English -in 1981-82 session

•  Economics -in 1982-83 session.

•  Mathematics, Botany and Anthropology - in 1983-84 session Zoology - in 1990-91 session.

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